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Website Update

{ Starsdance Astrology }

Customer concern: the blog site and related social media did not reflect a unified theme.

The solution: we stayed with her current blog host, customizing a new theme and added minor modifications for mobile viewers.

Website Refirb

{ Barrett's Hidden Agenda }

Customer concern: the site was non-responsive and the images were randomly sized. He wanted a quick fix with an eye towards a complete redesign farther down the road.

The major issue was table formatting and limited budget.

The solution: a scalable structure built using 'em' units.

(He has since created his new site but, for your reference, this Solar Powered Elephant site is built with the same 'em' structure.)

  • Transferred text content and navigation block as is
  • Created external script and style sheets
  • Re-cut images for uniform display
  • Minor updates until redesign
  • Next up: new navigation and gallery slider